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America in Peril Book Cover

America in Peril

By Bob Aldridge
Foreword by David Ray Griffin

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Also available in Kindle edition

America is being conquered. Our Declaration of Independence has been relegated to history courses. Lulled into passivity, we take our inalienable rights for granted. Recognizing this mass complacency, a certain group recently obtained power in America. Under the guise of a "war on terror" and "national security", they are systematically undermining democracy and scrapping our Constitution

Much ado is being made of foreign affairs, the deception leading to the Iraq war, the inexorable path of the Bush administration to subdue Iran, the "peace process" in Israel and Palestine, the dickering with North Korea over nuclear ambitions, and much more. But except for a few isolated subjects, what is taking place right here at home is getting piecemeal and sporadic treatment. That is why I was motivated to write this book.

America in Peril puts together a pervasive pattern of intrigue and deception. Starting with the characters that wiggled their way into the White House and conjured up a crisis to rally the country behind a wartime president, this book paints a disturbing picture, delving into the decay of civil rights and showing how the government is not only keeping tabs on the populace but also steadily eroding humanitarian law.

I present two possible outcomes in the final chapters. Chapter 10 plots our current path to martial law and dictatorship if we don't wake up and control our destiny. Chapter 11 suggests how we can do that. I present a worldview that can save our country if enough perceptive people put it in motion. America is indeed in peril. The test we face is profound.

I am making no profit from this book. I have foregone royalties in order to keep the purchase price low and make the book more affordable. My sole motivation is to get open-minded people to understand the dangers we face so they, we, all of us can take corrective action. Please read this book. I'm sure you will be moved to recommend it to others. You can write reviews for publication. Put something about it in your newsletters and websites. More suggestions for promoting the book are available in How to Spread the Message. If you are interested, there is also a Group Discussion Outline. And please perform any other constructive action you can think of that will spread this message.

Yours for a just and peaceful world,

Bob Aldridge

What is a Nonviolent Warrior?

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos:

What is the Nonviolent Warrior Ethos? It's not a sworn oath to live by. Nor is it a creed with a pre-planned response for every encounter. It is a lifestyle we aspire to. It motivates us to live for the good of everyone.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos prepares us for the impending dark days of evil. It stirs the audacity to speak truth to the unspeakable power that evil projects. It is the basis of all religious and moral beliefs but transcends them all in its ability to mobilize warriors for world justice.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos is a role model for children and youth. It sparks creative thinking on helping and supporting all people. It offers a life-goal which far outshines the pseudo glory propagated by gang and military recruiters. Young "warriors in training" (Pema Chödrön's term) develop survival skills to live in an uncertain world while having seemingly nothing to hold on to.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos is more than an ideology to hope for, or a myth to dream about. It is an urge to actively build something better. It triggers global fellowship among those who resolve issues locally while all the time knowing they are contributing to the world-goal we all envision.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly and sing its virtues widely because it is the passion that will prevail. Standing Rock showed that people everywhere will bond in solidarity as nonviolent warriors to support just causes. Earth is ready for global benevolent social change.

Does this sound like a fairy tale? The power of nonviolence is unimaginable.

The paper can be found at the link below.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos
Hard to Find Documents
(Note large file size for dial-up connections)

Drell Report (1990) (26 pages, 2.33Mb)
Report of the Panel On Nuclear Weapons Safety, Committee On Armed Forces, House of Representatives -- December 1990

Drell Testimony (1992) (9 pages, 703kb)
Sidney D. Drell testimony on Nuclear Weapons Testing before The Defense Nuclear Facilities Panel of The House Armed Services Committee -- March 31, 1992